Kalimba and his buddies come from a magic planet far away. Together they travel across the universe with one mission: Show and teach kids with sleep disorders how to fall asleep.

Kalimba, the zeopard, is a central figure in the sleeping training at the KiSS (Childrens institute for sleep disorders) in Würzburg / Germany. In cooperation with the psychologist Dr. Barbara Schwerdtle, the protagonist Kalimba got a conceptual re-design. His coventional soft toy appearance changes into a magic look. Furthermore his new friends Bob, the super-relaxed sloth and Roxy, the dreamy hippo, are a perfect side-kicks. The magical trio has got sorcerous spots and stars that can be boosted with superpower. The design is closely interwoven with the (hypno)therapeutical concept of the KiSS institute. Inhale three times deeply into your tummy – and the magic fur will glow in the dark and you will see a cosmos full of stars, planets and rockets.